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Film It Yourself – Fun & Energetic Wedding Videos

Here at Wedding Camera Hire.com we create amazing, fun & energetic wedding videos.  We will send you one of our awesome, easy to use HD video camera kits. Your family and friends have a fantastic time filming your wedding. Next we then receive the camera back from you and professionally edit your video into your own personal wedding film. This way, you will want to watch your day in action over and over again, because it’s been filmed by the people that know you best!

No matter your budget, we have got you covered. Head over to our Packages section to see all the options available.

Over 10 Years Experience!

Did you know we have over 10 years experience in wedding videography! As a result of this, you know you are in safe hands. For this reason, we know what makes a good wedding video, so why not join hundreds of Brides & Grooms that have chosen us to create their perfect wedding film. Find out more about us Here.

Unique Footage

Our videos are able to tell the whole story of your wedding in a way that a traditional wedding videographer is unable to. Instead of just a few hours of filming, you get your camera kit days before your actual wedding day! So you can capture the build up and post celebrations memories just as they happen, when they happen!

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