Why Film It Yourself?

Why should I film my own wedding?

You might be thinking “why should I film my own wedding?” It’s a fair question and there are lots of reasons why you should! One of the first being expense, wedding videos can be very expensive, but not here at Wedding Camera Hire. With the ‘film it yourself’ option you cut out the expensive hired cameraman, meaning the savings from this are passed on to you, making it a very affordable option!

Having your friends and family film your big day for you means that it is totally relaxed. It can be a little awkward with someone you don’t know filming you, but with familiar faces filming you, the awkwardness is immediately gone and it really shows in the video. Everyone acts completely as themselves and natural, resulting in awesome footage for you to treasure forever!

Hi Tech Cameras

Video cameras have come on leaps & bounds over the last few years, so no more giant cameras on your shoulder! This means that right in the palm of your hand you have a compact, easy to use but amazing camera that produces absolutely stunning video footage. The video cameras we use are nothing short of amazing, making your footage look like a pro has filmed it! Plus it’s all in stunning Full HD quality.

Your friends and family will love to get involved with the filming of your day! We constantly hear about how much fun everyone had using the cameras, whats more, you have the creativity of lots of people and not just a single cameraman.


Finally, the editing is where the real magic happens! It takes us a solid week to edit your video together, using our creative skills, so you can leave all the complicated stuff to us and not have to worry about it. After your wedding just sit back and enjoy your amazing video, filmed by you and edited by us, all to music of your choice!